Here are a few notes on using the house.  You can also find useful information on

The main water pipe enters the house via the front door under the floorboards. Just inside the inner front door there is access to a stop tap under the loose floor boards. There should be no need to access this tap as water can be turned off at the stop valves behind the toilet using a flat screwdriver.
There are three of these valves and they will shut off:-
#1 everything
#2 WC
#3 basin and shower, kitchen and boiler

In the event of a leak, turn the valve 90deg to shut off the relevant leg.

There is no stop tap in the street.

The box outside the front door on the wall contains the gas meter and stop valve.
In the event of a gas leak move the handle 90deg to shut off the gas.

The meter is inside the front door.

The central heating and hot water boiler is in the wardrobe in bedroom #4. It is an instantaneous boiler heating the water on demand so there are no storage tanks. There are two controls, one for hot water and one for central heating. Set them around half way and adjust as required.

There is a pressure gauge on the panel. Because the system is pressurised, it will only work if the pressure is in the green band. If it goes too high let more water in by putting the key in the slot in the valve under the boiler and let in water until the needle is at around 1 bar. If the pressure goes too high, let some water out by slowly turning the white tap until the pressure drops back. This water runs down the wall outside so avoid overfilling.

There is a timeclock to control when the heating comes on. There is no room thermostat so setting for say two hours in a morning and four in the evening will cut the bills.

There is a power isolator switch in the lounge near the window. This should only be switched off for maintenance and is not for tenants use.

It is important to keep the house warm to avoid damp and condensation inherent in this age of house.

Windows should be set to vent setting when the house is occupied to avoid condensation, especially in the kitchen. Clothes should be dried on the line outside or in the washer drier.

Cable is by Virgin Media connected to a wireless router for the house. See data sheet for access.

Washing Machine

The washer drier means there is no need for wet washing to be hanging around the house. drying washing is one of the main causes of damp in the home.  The machine takes all the water out of the washing and sends it down the drain.
See instructions elsewhere.

Fridge freezer
The freezer should be emptied at the end of the tenancy and defrosted.  Take everything out and switch off the machine on the dial control inside.  Remove all the trays and leave the doors open.  Allow the ice to defrost naturally and carefully lift out any lumps of ice that fall off.  Do not use any tools to break off ice, if the thin metal pipes get damaged the machine is scrap!

Catch the water by laying out old towels and a shallow tray or tin.

Clean out the waste trap on the shower tray every week.

Clean the shower every week with spray cleaner, walls also.